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Customer Reviews

Digital A.I.
Atlas was extremely professional in the follow up for the issue that I had. They explained to me over the phone all the benefits of having an Office 365 group instead of a distribution list in regards of the calendar. Plus all their departments like the SharePoint and MS Teams and I will take the suggestion and advice so I can optimize changes in our organization. I thank you very much for everything, and I gave Atlas a 10 out of 10.
You Want Pizzazz
I wasn't able to e-mail. Steven at Atlas was very helpful he was very patient he was really kind and they helped me through my problem. I would highly recommend.
PAX Legal, LLC
Atlas Cloud Technologies was fantastic. Thank you so much.
Kim H Swartz
Atlas Cloud Technologies was very helpful They are one of the most knowledgeable Microsoft support partners I've spoken to over the years, and they were fast in identifying and in resolving my primary issue. They had lots of great advice for other questions that came up about different things very creative very resourceful and they came up with some solutions that people I've dealt with in the past could not. I do highly recommend Atlas Cloud Technologies to everyone.
Resilienz KLG
In a very short time Atlas was really helpful and knew how to resolve our issue quickly. Very satisfied.
I enjoyed working with Atlas. They are very knowledgeable and walked me through the steps that I needed to take care of this problem. It was a very pleasurable experience.
Frontrunner Computer Services
Atlas was very very good. They got exactly the idea of what I needed and got it done. I have to say the previous two companies I worked with I don't think they knew what they were doing. They didn't know what I wanted and couldn't sort it, but Atlas was very good.
One Rosecroft Limited
Atlas Cloud Technologies is absolutely superb. They called me within two minutes and were very patient. They knew exactly what they were doing which is a pleasant change from so many of the other Microsoft Partners.
Made Talent
Atlas went above and beyond with their timely and professional support on this strange issue Many thanks.
Highland Explorer
We found Atlas was so professional and talked us through everything in such a great and simple manner and would definitely recommend Atlas to anybody that we deal with in business thank you.
First health advisory
Atlas Cloud Technologies was excellent! They were very helpful and very patient.
Moerings USA
So this company is great and their support staff have plenty of patients. They're very concise and very very accurately sent me in the right direction, resolved a couple of conflicts and did it in the most pleasant way. They're a super good company, thanks.
I just want to say Atlas Cloud Technologies did a fantastic job at listening to us. We felt like we were heard and that a solution was brought to us based on thinking about our unique needs. It was a unique situation and they made it simple and easy for us to meet our needs and be able to get things done and in a way that didn't provide a disruption in our service. We greatly appreciate that and was something we were very nervous about. Atlas Cloud Technologies did a fantastic job, and we would recommend over and over again. Thank you.
Atlas helped of the issues quickly and I'm very happy. Thank you very much.
Workplace Psychology
Atlas is a real credit to Microsoft's Partners. They were a fantastic support to me. They stuck to what was a very difficult problem which required more than one phone call and they did the work with a sound process with great ideas, and did I mention patience. They're super knowledgeable, patient, and real support heroes. Huge thanks to you Atlas for your excellent work.
Alliance for clean energy New York
Atlas Cloud Technologies is very helpful and walked me through the solutions process and reviewed it again with me so I could take notes.
Riddles Bend Baptist Church
Atlas Technologies was clear, was very helpful and very friendly and very very patient with me as not being a computer expert. I really appreciated their technical expertise and their time. Just the information they provided was just amazing thank you.
Dearborn Group
Atlas support is great. Very informative, very patient, very empathetic and resolved my issue putting my mind at ease. Thank you.
The Law Office of Joseph Hughes P.A.
I was very very happy with my experience working with Atlas. I got exactly the answers I needed in a very complicated situation, and it was very quickly resolved. I was very impressed.
MacColl Strategic Advisors
Atlas was able to resolve my issue quickly and they knew exactly what to do. Great work!
Kendrick Management Group
Atlas Cloud Technologies provided great help they have the knowledge to guide you through everything you need to do and they were able to walk me through a couple of places I didn't know what to do with and we fixed everything. Thanks so much appreciate it.
ANC Consulting
Thank you Atlas. Your tech support showed good patience and expert knowledge.
Atlas, thank you so much for the quick response I got a phone call very fast and I was able to resolve the issue in a very fast manner thank you so much.
J.P. Wilson
We were provided timely, professional, competent and courteous technical support.
Atlas was very knowledgeable in creating better security on our system thank you.
Friends of Sheffield Castle
Atlas services are fantastic. They are rapid very efficient very friendly, and I recommend it highly to anybody
Family Wealth Advisory
Atlas Cloud Technologies are great! They know their stuff. They communicate well and they quickly resolved my issue and I'm truly grateful that they have that level of expertise on staff. Thank you again.
Castle Cars Birmingham LTD
I just wanted to let everyone know that the Atlas Cloud Technologies will go above expectation. They resolved the issue at hand, and I would like to highly recommend them. Very professional very polite and courtesy and they made my day. Thank you very much.
The School for Ethical Education
First of all, I wanna always thank Atlas for having a human to be able to contact and #2 Atlas technical support engineers are always very professional very patient very well informed, and they have some skill sets and knowledge that a Rep from other companies did not have. So, I was very grateful for their help.
Institutional Insurance Group
The Atlas technical team is very helpful and also very easy to work with. They have a great demeanor and are very pleasant to work with. They resolve my issues very quickly.
Greystone Advisory Group LLC
Over the past several months I've spoken to at least eight different tech support companies, from GoDaddy to Microsoft over several months trying to resolve the problem with my desktop outlook not sending e-mail out. Everything I would send would go directly to my outbox. I talked to tech support at GoDaddy their Microsoft partner Basque and even moved my e-mail domain from GoDaddy to Microsoft thinking it might be a system problem or just poorly trained tech people nobody could figure it out. I reached out to Atlas Cloud Technologies yesterday and they called Me 2 minutes after I sent my request. Their technical staff did what nobody else could do they fixed it quickly, methodically and professionally thanks to Atlas my biggest and most stressful problem just went away.
Sarvam Max
Thank you so much Atlas was great they were very very patient and I I'm really happy that they got results thanks.
Productive Innovations LTD
I have to say coming from enormous frustration Atlas Techs were very calm and obviously knows these systems inside out. What the error was I guess on my end and even though it was on my end they never made me feel bad or embarrassed about it, so thank you ever so much for the precious time you spent you truly are amazing, and heaven only knows how you managed to do such things but well done and yes, the most impressed thank you ever so much.
Torc Partners Limited
I would just like to say that the service I received today from Atlas Cloud Technologies was outstanding! Incredibly helpful, incredibly professional, clear, concise, very client focused, outstanding! Really really good! Well done Atlas. Thank you.
Sunbelt Stud Welding
Atlas provided excellent support they are very knowledgeable patient and provided all the information so quickly for the issue that I needed to resolve.
TAS Impact
Atlas called me so quickly I wasn't even ready for them, and we solved the problem in 3 minutes. This was one of my best technical support experiences. I highly recommend them to everyone.
Nozomi Restaurants
I just wanted to say the Atlas technical service support agent I spoke to was excellent! He resolved my issue very quickly I spoke to the other companies previously, but the issues now resolved. I'm extremely grateful for the patience of your agents especially the last one absolutely fantastic result straight away that's a great job Atlas, thank you.
US Realty Hub LLC
I would like to express my appreciation for the service I received Atlas Cloud Technologies. They are always, clear concise extremely helpful and resolved my issue thank you Atlas.
Ashley Home Store
Atlas technical support are very professional very knowledgeable helped me with my problem and gave me some future on sales material. They did an excellent job thank you so much. Please use this company.
Terranova Defense NFP
Just wanted to say thank you for your assistance and clarification. Atlas Cloud Technologies really helped me getting myself back on track.
Big Wealth
The agent that helped me was Absolutely Fabulous.
Anthony Bolling Group
Your service continues to be outstanding your response time was incredibly fast. Thank you so much for calling and helping me today.
Data 2 Logistics
Atlas was very professional and with a good knowledge of the issue and they are able to answer all my questions thanks.

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